In 1999 Maya completed her studies at the “Rietveld” Academy of Art and Design in Amsterdam. During her studies in the Netherlands Maya participated in several exhibits in which she showed short art films she created. During her third year of studies, she participated in a student exchange program which allowed her to study at Bezalel in Israel.

After completing her studies Maya joined the creative team of a new television show in Amsterdam, where she helped direct, film and produce alongside a team of colleagues.

Almost a decade later, Located at Tel Aviv and then a sharp exit to the suburbs, where she lives along with her husband and 3 children, Maya (38) decided to continue her studies and attended “The Guild” Academy for shoe design. During this time she won the opportunity to represent the school at the “Designers of the Century” exhibit, where she showed two pairs of sandals inspired by the buildings surrounding Dizengoff square.

Maya’s shoe design is a direct continuation of the themes that guided her in her work with video art – blurring the boundaries between innovation and reality and a graceful vulnerability.

MYKA at work